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We do…

  • Operate 24/7 
  • Provide services to both the commercial & domestic sectors
  • Offer bespoke services at a competitive price 

We do not…

  • Remove, handle, transport or dispose of any types of hazardous waste
  • Have any hidden charges
  • Sub-contract out to any third parties in order to maintain our fast, reliable service 

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Office: 0207 100 1905

  24hrs: 07905 905 905

How it works


Step 1

You Book

Order and pay online or by phone. Same day collections usually available.


Step 2

We Collect

We specialise in the safe removal of waste for both the commercial and domestic sectors.


Step 3

We Dispose

Rest assured our practices are as environmentally friendly as possible.


We offset all CO2 generated by our low emission vehicles and we operate a paperless office. Over 95% of the waste we collect is diverted away from landfill through energy and recycling. We are constantly looking to reduce our impact on the environment and will continue to push for sustainability.

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