Frequently Asked Questions


How can I book?

Online or by phone.

Are bookings guaranteed?

Yes, all bookings are guaranteed upon confirmation.

Are there any items you do not collect?

Yes, we cannot remove, handle, transport or dispose of any of the the following items. Asbestos, liquid chemicals or solvents, car batteries, raw meat, clinical or biological waste, fire extinguishers, gas bottles, oils, petrol or acids.

Are there any items that incur an extra charge?

Yes, see our extras.

Can you quote for a waste collection from photographs?

Yes, photographs help us to gauge the volume and weight of your waste. Contact us for a free quotation

Can I book a same day collection?

Yes, providing we have availability.

Can I change my booking?

Yes, up to 24hrs in advance of your collection time.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, providing such a request to do so is received the business day before the date of collection via email sent to For all cancellations a £32.50 + VAT (£39.00 incl VAT) fee will be charged.

Can I cancel my booking on the day?

Yes, you can cancel on the day but you will not be eligible for any refund as our routes are planned 24hrs in advance.

Can I book at short notice?

Yes, our calendar is live. If it is showing availability, you can instant book.

What if I book the wrong size collection?

We are flexible and can amend your collection size up or down on the day, either a partial refund or an extra payment will be due.

How can I get in touch?

Call us on: +44(0)20 7100 1905 or get a fast online response from one of our team by using live chat.


Do I need to be present?

No, providing we have unrestricted access to the waste.

How do I know you are on the way?

You will receive a SMS notification and an email.

Where can I leave my waste to be collected?

You can leave it anywhere, providing it is legal to do so and we have unrestricted access.

Do I need to bag up my waste for collection?

No, we often collect loose waste but if it is non bulky then we would advise putting it into bags. Labour allowances are generous for each collection size but if exceeded additional charges may apply.

Do I need to breakdown my waste before collection?

No, only if you have items too large to fit through doorways etc. Our team can dismantle on the day if required. Labour allowances are generous for each collection size but if exceeded additional charges may apply.

Do you charge extra for an out of hours collection?

Yes, an additional charge of £78.00 incl. VAT will be applied to any type of collection made outside of standard business hours regardless of size, items or location.

Do you charge extra for parking?


Do you charge extra for collections inside the congestion zone?


Do I need to do anything in preparation for a waste collection?

Yes, make sure there is unrestricted access to the waste.

How do I work out the correct load size?

It can be difficult to accurately gauge how much waste you have, use our Waste Calculator to help. We typically give the guide of 2 small domestics washing machines as being around the same size as 1 cubic yard 1y3/0.76m3.




Do you offer an out of hours service?

Yes, we operate 24/7.

Can you remove waste from inside?

Yes, providing someone is present at the time of the collection.

Who does the loading?

Our team will remove and load all waste.

What can I put in my Skip Bag?

All bulky household and garden waste are perfect for the Skip Bags. Waste such as plasterboard cannot be mixed with other materials and therefore is not suitable for this service. Construction waste such as rubble, concrete etc are likely to exceed the weight limits of the Skip Bags so we would advise against using this method of disposal.

What sizes do the Skip Bags come in?

Skip Bags come in Small, Medium and Large.

Is there a minimum or maximum load size?

No, we clear anything from 1 item to multiple loads.

Can you move items from one location to another?

No, we only dispose of waste.

Do you take builders rubble?

Yes, this is a bespoke service calculated by weight only. Please contact us for a quotation.

Do my appliances need to be disconnected?

Yes, all appliances need to be disconnected and ready for collection.

We need a large volume of waste collected asap can you help?

Yes, our team can clear large volumes of waste fast, working to a deadline.

What is the load capacity of your vehicles?

12 cubic yards – 12y3/9.12m – 1200kgs. Load size approx 24 washing machines.

Is there a weight limit per cubic yard?

Each cubic yard 1y3/ 0.76m3 has a 100kg weight limit.


Do I need to prepay?

Yes, unless you hold a Trade Credit Account with us.

Is VAT registered?

Yes, our VAT registration number is 291270408.

How can I pay?

Online through our secure website, direct bank transfer, over the phone or by debit/credit card in person using our mobile payment terminal.

Can I set up a Trade Account?

Yes, if you are a UK business, registered with Companies House, we can offer you a Trade Account.

Are my online payments secure?

Yes, we use the latest technology and our payment providers are fully secure. You can check them out here at stripe.

Do Trade Account customers receive an invoice for each booking?

Yes, when a booking is made online or by phone a VAT invoice is automatically generated and sent to you via email. You can also view and download invoices 24/7 by logging into your Trade Account.

Do you provide proof of payment?

Yes, when a payment is made online or by phone a VAT receipt is automatically generated and sent to you via email.

How do I pay for my waste collection on the day?

Payment can be made online through our secure website, direct bank transfer, over the phone or by debit/credit card in person using our mobile payment terminal.


What happens to my waste after collection?

We transport your waste to the nearest authorised commercial Waste Transfer Station. Here the various materials will be separated and in most cases recycled. Across London we average a landfill diversion rate exceeding 95%.

Are your vehicles low emission?

Yes, our entire fleet is Euro 6 compliant, lightweight and purpose built for waste collection and disposal.

Is your office eco friendly?

Yes, the skipmate office is paperless.

What are you doing to help reduce your carbon footprint?

We use the latest route planning software to ensure all our journeys are as optimal and economical as possible.


Are you insured for this type of work?

Yes, we have 5 million pounds of cover.

Do you have a health and safety policy?

Yes, we are proud members of the widely recognised Chas and Safe Contractor accreditation schemes.

Are you licensed for waste disposal?

Yes, we are authorised and regulated by the Environment Agency. You can “quick check” us on the official website by entering our Registration No.CBDU231690

Do your vehicles have a weight limit?

Yes, they have a maximum gross weight of 3500kgs.

Do you have a cookies policy?

Yes, we use Usercentrics who are a market leader in the field of consent management platforms (CMP) Cookie Policy.