Decluttering Home and Mind – 15th August 2019

London being the bustling and busy city that it is, space is always at a premium. Whether you have a house, flat or just a room there never seems to be enough space for all the things you like let alone the clutter and junk which inevitably you pick up along the way. Many of us wait until we move home to realise just how much unnecessary rubbish we have accumulated and yet it makes sense to prioritise this all the time. Not only is de-cluttering good for you practically it has been proven to help your mind as well, acting as a cleansing exercise.

However it has become increasingly difficult to dispose of unwanted items with rubbish collections being less frequent, councils restricting or charging for removal of bulky waste and even recycling centres being more vigilant about who, what and how much rubbish you can dispose of.

Waste clearance companies like are here to help. We do not just deal in large waste disposals, builders waste and house clearances, our man and van rubbish removal can help with the smaller things like junk removal, the disposal of unwanted, space consuming furniture and bulky household waste. So there’s no reason to wait, start your spring clean, whatever the month is, to organise you home and create a more calm environment for your mind.

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