Facilities Managers and Waste Compliance – 6th November 2018

Waste management has become a key concern for many facilities managers. Although waste management is usually associated with regular waste collections, bulky waste removal has become more of a problematic issue. Facilities managers have ever increasing portfolios of properties. As in many situations waste is often seen as an afterthought however it has become harder to ignore particularly the bulky household waste which is too large to go in with regular rubbish collections. Despite this, waste tends to be low on the list of things to spend their funds on. In many cases contractors are asked to remove their own waste but this is an inefficient use of resources and expensive misuse of a skilled contractor.

Refurbishment, property repairs and fly-tipping mean that many organisations have significant amounts of waste with no obvious solution strategy. Drip feeding bulky waste into regular collection bins or storing waste are often attempted but neither are a realistic option.

Due to the sheer amount of waste accumulated skips are sometimes seen as the obvious answer however they are often impractical. They are not only expensive but they are also unsightly. Rarely is there enough space to accommodate one and there is also the risk that a third party will use it to fill with their own waste. It is also not always easy to estimate the size required which can lead to wasted expenditure on paying for more than is necessary.

The man and van rubbish collection service is therefore often more desirable as it is the cheapest option. With the benefit of being 20% cheaper than a skip taking into account hire, permits etc. The main consideration in this area though is to ensure compliance. Compliance is key as is proven by numerous news articles in recent years whereby a consumer has innocently employed a rogue waste clearance company only for the company to fly-tip their waste and the customer be liable.

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence punishable by a significant fine or 12 months imprisonment if convicted in a Magistrates’ Court.

At skipmate.com we provide a legitimate, legal and accredited waste clearance service in order to meet these needs. We are able to offer competitive quotes on the removal of all bulky waste. For your peace of mind we are happy to provide waste transfer note as proof of a Environment Agency compliant service to avoid the negative repercussions associated with rogue traders.

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