Large Scale Waste Clearance – 8th April 2019

At we take on a wide spectrum of waste removal jobs. It can be anything from one single item to full clearances. House clearances are actually quite common and it is not always just the contents of the rooms. It can include lofts, sheds, garages, gardens. 

Probate clearance 

In cases of probate we are often asked to remove and dispose of everything with the exception of selected items that hold sentimental or financial value to the benefactor. 

Estate agents 

We deal with multiple estate agents, they tend to enlist our services on behalf of a client who may live in another part of the country or overseas to clear any rubbish remaining at a property they are hoping to sell on their behalf. Invariably these properties are going to auction and they need to be able access them and photograph them in a good light. We have even removed a caravan that was overgrown from a garden before. it is not unusual for them to put a vendor in touch directly who may just want an old shed pulled down and removed to make their property look a little more desirable. 


Another regular client of ours are landlords. From time to time they have tenants abandon a property leaving it filled with junk, unfortunately it is an occupational hazard. They cannot even think about redecorating and looking for a new tenant before having a rubbish clearance carried out. These properties can be left in a real state of disrepair and often need everything removed right down to internal doors, bathroom suites, cookers, fridges and carpets. This is often also the case with builders and housing associations who require a similar service.


Stores, gyms, hotels etc often require a rubbish clearance out of business hours to limit the disruption to their customers. It can be for something as simple as a routine maintenance repair that requires some waste to be removed once a job has been completed or promotional displays in high street shops that need disposing of to make way for new ones. We operate 24/7 at for your convenience. 

Housing association 

We work in conjunction with housing associations and their contractors on renovation projects. This usually involves one large initial clearance and then attending at various stages throughout the project for smaller waste clearances, right up until completion.

Private Clients

We have removed tonnes of fly-tipped waste from private land for a client. Unfortunately they were unable to recover the costs involved but they were able to get it secured as soon as we were finished to ensure it never happens again. 

We can undertake any waste clearance regardless of size. The logistics do vary and sometimes they require bespoke services and pricing. For large clearances please contact a member of our team so we can arrange to make a site visit and put together a written quotation. There is no charge for this service. 

Our live chat is great if you want a fast online response. If you need to talk to us call +44(0)20 7100 1905 

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