London Waste Depots – 9th May 2018

As well as your regular rubbish collection, many councils will offer a one off service to remove a single bulky household item for you for a nominal fee in a bid to tackle the problem of rubbish. If you are lucky enough to have access to a vehicle your local council website or a quick google search of the waste stations closest to you will allow you to dispose of your rubbish but be sure to check a few things first:

Make sure the recycling centre accepts the rubbish you are trying to dispose of. Not all waste is classified the same and some can be costly to get rid of.

Check if there are any charges. Many recycling centres now charge an entry fee or require payment for certain items that you are trying to get rid of or if you exceed a certain amount/weight limit of waste.

Check if you need a permit. Like the extra charges, certain items particularly such as large amounts of electronic equipment will require a WEEE permit.

Check what identification you need to take. Most recycling centres now require some form of proof that you live in the same borough. At some facilities they have introduced a registration system so you will need to register your details and the details of your vehicle before attending the recycling centre.

Check if there are any vehicle restrictions. Height restrictions are particularly common which is worth bearing in mind if you intend on hiring a van.

Check if there is a restriction on the amount of rubbish you can take.

Lastly, check the traffic. Many recycling centres are extremely busy at peak times such as Saturdays so to avoid wasting your valuable day off try to arrange to visit at an off-peak time such as early in the morning.

Using the local recycling centre can be a cheaper alternative to arranging a waste company to remove your rubbish but we would always recommend getting a quick quote from us at to take the stress out of your waste removal.

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