Our Sustainability – 7th November 2019

At skipmate.com we offset all CO2 generated by our low emission vehicles and we operate a paperless office. Over 95% of the waste we collect is diverted away from landfill through energy and recycling. We are constantly looking to reduce our impact on the environment and we will continue to push for sustainability.

Our entire fleet is Euro 6 compliant, lightweight and purpose built for waste collection and disposal, these low emission vehicles improve air quality. We use the latest technology to plan the most economical routes, reducing our journey mileage wherever possible. 

All of the waste material skipmate.com collects is taken to an authorised commercial Waste Transfer Station where the various materials will be separated and in most cases recycled. Across London we average a landfill diversion rate exceeding 95%.

Every time we carry out a waste collection it is digitally logged and the disposal time & date can be tracked to a specific recycling station. 

Wait and Load waste collections or skip bags are the most economical option cutting mileage by 50% over traditional skip hire. At skipmate.com it only takes us one trip in a low emission vehicle to complete a waste clearance. Skip hire requires two journey’s for delivery & collection in a heavy goods vehicle which is environmentally damaging. 

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