Our Vehicles – 14th May 2020

At skipmate.com our entire fleet is Euro 6 compliant, lightweight and purpose built for waste collection and disposal.

We use low emission vehicles to carry out all waste collections. Our vehicle bodies are bespoke built, made of light weight aluminium to reduce the overall weight, this not only ensures we stay below the legal weight limit 3500kgs but it is also more eco friendly as we use less fuel. They are easy to load and the tipper function reduces the manual labour required when off-loading at the waste transfer station so we can get on our way to the next collection faster. 

We needed to ensure our vehicles were up to the job, large enough to move a significant amount of waste whilst also remaining light enough to have a good weight capacity, also known as payload. In the UK the limit for any vehicle which is not registered as a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) is 3.5t inclusive of contents therefore we are always mindful of load weight. For this reason when you book your collection we consider not only the size but also the weight of the waste you would like collected.

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