Recycling – Everyones Responsibility – 11th July 2019

Recycling has never been more important than it is today. Recycling used materials converts them into new products which reduces the need to consume natural resources such as fresh, raw materials which have been gathered through mining and forestry. By recycling we help retain our natural resources and protect them for the future.

There are over 500 landfill sites in the UK which create a huge proportion of the greenhouse gas, methane. By recycling we are able to save around 18 million tonnes of CO2 a year which is the equivalent of removing 5 million cars from the road.

At we are all too aware of the sheer mass of rubbish that is generated on a daily basis. We are committed to ensuring our practices are as environmentally friendly as possible, 95% of our rubbish is diverted from landfill and recycled. The waste transfer stations we use aim to minimise the amount of virgin materials used in areas such as construction by recycling raw materials such as aggregate, concrete, wood and metal. Plastics are melted down for reuse and even notoriously difficult waste such as plasterboard is broken down so the paper is recycled and the Gypsum powder is ground down for use as soil fertiliser. With that in mind there is no reason we can’t all be committed to recycling. At we are committed to reducing landfill and reduce the carbon footprint of your waste clearance.

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