Recycling Garden Waste 30 April 2018

Recycling is important in all respects but recycling garden waste is an easy and effective way of doing your bit for the environment. 27% of all household waste is green so the simplest way to start recycling is by using a compost heap. Compost is an important factor in preserving the environment it also is a good step towards creating the perfect basis for growing your own produce.  This back to basics approach is simple, cost effective and cuts down on unnecessary waste such as plastic packaging as well as the emissions associated with processing and transporting produce across the country and even further.

Unfortunately not everyone, particularly in cities like London, have access to a green space big enough to be able to grow their own produce or create their very own compost heap. In many London boroughs, garden waste collections are fairly infrequent and limited in the amount they will take which can be particularly difficult when the garden is more active or needs more attention around the spring and autumn months. Many councils also have a set fee that they charge for this service all year despite only using it for certain months only.

At we offer a competitively priced service, for large or small jobs. We have a quick and easy online booking system and you can relax in the knowledge that we will dispose of your waste in an environmentally conscious manner.

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