Recycling Your Fridge-Freezer – 14th June 2019

Unlike other standard household appliances like washing machines and tumble dryers, fridges are considered one of the most hazardous in the home due to the fact that they contain harmful gases. For this reason fridge recycling is considered a specialist service and one that is not offered by every waste company. Due to the strict implementation of new legislation by the European Union to protect the environment from harmful gasses.

At we know exactly how to dispose of your fridge, legally and safely. Fridge freezer disposal is undertaken in a series of stages. Initially the gasses are removed in a safe, controlled environment. Next the oil from the compressor and capacitors is removed, then the body made up of foam and metal are separated and recycled. The same applies to Commercial fridges.  

At we offer a competitively priced fridge/freezer removal and recycling service which can be booked online or by phone.  

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