The Risk of Cheap Waste Clearance – 22nd February 2019

We all aim to get the best service for the lowest price possible, this is even more tempting when spending money on something as uninspiring as a rubbish removal service. However sometimes the cheapest rubbish removal service is not the best. Contacting multiple waste clearance companies, trying to work out why the costs differ so much for bulky waste, household waste, junk removal, sofa removal, rubbish removal etc etc. Well much of this depends on how and where they are disposing of your waste. The fact is there are now 1,000,000 cases of fly tipping a year.

This is caused by customers not using an authorised waste clearance company that is acting legally. There are warning signs to look out for rogue waste collectors: not displaying their company and environment agency registration numbers on their website or adverts; driving unbranded vehicles; only accepting cash; using free ads; being unwilling to provide you with an invoice; no uniforms and only contactable on a mobile number. All these things are synonymous with fly tippers. 

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they are using a waste clearance company authorised and regulated by the Environment Agency. The cost may be slightly more but you will receive a reliable service and can be sure your waste will be disposed of both legally and ethically. At we are well aware of the costs of fly tipping to us all. Not only financially, due to the costs passed on to the tax payer to clear it up and dispose of it responsibly, but also the impact on our environment and wildlife when rubbish gets fly-tipped in our countryside. 

You can “quick check” us on the Environment Agency’s official website by entering our registration No.CBDU231690

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