Tyre Recycling – 6th August 2020

The disposal of old tyres is not always simple with very few companies willing to take them. Skip companies are not covered to dispose of them, so will refuse to collect a skip that contains tyres within the waste and many councils will not accept tyres at their recycling centre. If they do accept them then they will charge a fee to do this.

Always check the waste company’s Waste Carriers Licence to ensure they are legally allowed to dispose of tyres. All too often they are fly-tipped.

At skipmate.com we are registered waste carriers and as such are legally able to remove and dispose of tyres on your behalf. Due to the costs involved in responsibly disposing of old tyres we charge a competitive price of £6.00 Incl. VAT per tyre or £2.50 Incl. VAT if you have over 100.

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