Why Choose Man & Van Over Skip Hire? – 18th February 2021

There are many good reasons why a Man & Van service can be a better option than skip hire. Unless you have a driveway skips require permits. This is extra hassle and expense on top of the cost of hiring the skip. With a skip you will be required to do all the loading of it yourself, where as labour charges are included in the price of a Man & Van service. From an environmental point of view it also makes more sense, with a skip a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) is required to deliver it. Once you have finished all the loading you then have to rearrange collection. This means you not only have to contact the company twice but the HGV also has to make 2 trips which is not kind to the environment.

Using a Man & Van service means just one booking and one visit in a low emission vehicle is all that is needed. The Man & Van service is 24/7 meaning you can book a day or night collection to work around you as well as any loading restrictions you may have in your area. Providing there is clear access to the waste you do not to be present. You book, we load, we dispose.

Man & Van is often much more cost effective than skip hire. With skip hire you have to estimate the size of the skip you think is best suited to your needs which can be very difficult for something such as a house clearance. With a Man & Van you only pay for exactly what you need, making it competitively priced. Having a skip on the road or driveway for an extended period of time is not only unsightly but it is all too common for others to come along and fill it up for on your behalf with their own rubbish at your expense. If rubbish gets placed on top of a skip you have already filled up whilst waiting for it to be collected it is your responsibility. Companies will often refuse to take it away unless you remove the excess until the skip is back to level or you pay for a second skip. With the Man & Van service we arrive, load and dispose eradicating this problem entirely. 

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