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Our Vision – 19 March 2018

skipmate.com was founded in 2018 with the intention to provide a professional 24hr same day waste clearance service across London, offering a genuine skip alternative to the consumer. Providing a Wait & Load service using low emission vehicles that are capable of collecting and disposing of anything from just 1 item to over 1 tonne of … Continued

Recycling Garden Waste 30 April 2018

Recycling is important in all respects but recycling garden waste is an easy and effective way of doing your bit for the environment. 27% of all household waste is green so the simplest way to start recycling is by using a compost heap. Compost is an important factor in preserving the environment it also is … Continued

London Waste Depots – 9th May 2018

As well as your regular rubbish collection, many councils will offer a one off service to remove a single bulky household item for you for a nominal fee in a bid to tackle the problem of rubbish. If you are lucky enough to have access to a vehicle your local council website or a quick … Continued

WEEE Recycling – 19th June 2018

WEEE stands for Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, so anything which relies on a plug or batteries in order to work. The WEEE Directive 2012 dictated that all European manufacturers and distributers are responsible for the impact their products have on the environment. Prior to 2005 the consumer was responsible for disposal of their … Continued

Asbestos – 16th July 2018

Asbestos is synonymous with hazardous waste and considered difficult to dispose of but if you have the correct contacts it needn’t be a headache. Asbestos was banned from being used in the UK in 1999 so any building work carried out prior to this date has the potential to contain asbestos. Being very hazardous extreme … Continued

Skip Hire – 14th September 2018

Skip Permits and why you need one?  When you place a skip on any public road or pavement you need to purchase a skip permit from the local council. Skip permits are there to limit the number of skips placed on public roads at any one time to reduce the impact on parking and traffic on … Continued

Office Clearance – 2nd October 2018

When arranging an office clearance it is important to consider the following points. Take time to list and separate what you wish to keep and what is to be sent for waste disposal. This will make it easier for the clearance company to estimate the cost of the waste removal. When considering the timescale for … Continued

Facilities Managers and Waste Compliance – 6th November 2018

Waste management has become a key concern for many facilities managers. Although waste management is usually associated with regular waste collections, bulky waste removal has become more of a problematic issue. Facilities managers have ever increasing portfolios of properties. As in many situations waste is often seen as an afterthought however it has become harder … Continued

The Risk of Cheap Waste Clearance – 22nd February 2019

We all aim to get the best service for the lowest price possible, this is even more tempting when spending money on something as uninspiring as a rubbish removal service. However sometimes the cheapest rubbish removal service is not the best. Contacting multiple waste clearance companies, trying to work out why the costs differ so … Continued

Trade Accounts – 25th March 2019

At skipmate.com we can setup a trade account within 24hrs of receiving your application. With a trade account you will receive a 5% trade discount on all services listed on our website. There are two account options, Standard and Credit and choosing the right one is important to get the support your business needs. We … Continued

Large Scale Waste Clearance – 8th April 2019

At skipmate.com we take on a wide spectrum of waste removal jobs. It can be anything from one single item to full clearances. House clearances are actually quite common and it is not always just the contents of the rooms. It can include lofts, sheds, garages, gardens.  Probate clearance  In cases of probate we are … Continued

Bulky Household Waste – 29th May 2019

Bulky household waste comes in a variety of different forms but tends to be defined as items which are too big to fit in with your household rubbish. In some cases councils will take one-off items such as sofas, washing machines and fridges but in many cases there is a fee attached to this and it … Continued

Recycling Your Fridge-Freezer – 14th June 2019

Unlike other standard household appliances like washing machines and tumble dryers, fridges are considered one of the most hazardous in the home due to the fact that they contain harmful gases. For this reason fridge recycling is considered a specialist service and one that is not offered by every waste company. Due to the strict … Continued

Recycling – Everyones Responsibility – 11th July 2019

Recycling has never been more important than it is today. Recycling used materials converts them into new products which reduces the need to consume natural resources such as fresh, raw materials which have been gathered through mining and forestry. By recycling we help retain our natural resources and protect them for the future. There are … Continued

Decluttering Home and Mind – 15th August 2019

London being the bustling and busy city that it is, space is always at a premium. Whether you have a house, flat or just a room there never seems to be enough space for all the things you like let alone the clutter and junk which inevitably you pick up along the way. Many of … Continued

Our Sustainability – 7th November 2019

At skipmate.com we offset all CO2 generated by our low emission vehicles and we operate a paperless office. Over 95% of the waste we collect is diverted away from landfill through energy and recycling. We are constantly looking to reduce our impact on the environment and we will continue to push for sustainability. Our entire … Continued

Avoiding Rogue Traders – 3rd December 2019

Rubbish removal has unfortunately been overrun with rogue traders who see it as a quick way to make money without paying the costs associated with doing it legitimately. Numerous news reports have highlighted the increasing issue of fly-tipping and as the consumer it is your responsibility to ensure that the company you use are appropriately … Continued

Waste Calculator – 11th March 2020

Our waste calculator is designed to help you choose the right size waste collection and advise how much the cost will be. There are no hidden charges and all labour is included. We have 7 categories to choose from Lounge, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Home, Office and Garden. You can pick items from each of these … Continued

Our Pricing – 9th April 2020

Our pricing is based on two things, the volume and the weight of the waste we are collecting. Like most waste companies we calculate volume in cubic yards and the weight in kilograms. We know it is not easy for everyone to calculate the size of the waste removal required which is why we also … Continued

Our Vehicles – 14th May 2020

At skipmate.com our entire fleet is Euro 6 compliant, lightweight and purpose built for waste collection and disposal. We use low emission vehicles to carry out all waste collections. Our vehicle bodies are bespoke built, made of light weight aluminium to reduce the overall weight, this not only ensures we stay below the legal weight limit … Continued

Tyre Recycling – 6th August 2020

The disposal of old tyres is not always simple with very few companies willing to take them. Skip companies are not covered to dispose of them, so will refuse to collect a skip that contains tyres within the waste and many councils will not accept tyres at their recycling centre. If they do accept them … Continued

Sofa Removal – 17th September 2020

Whether you have decided to get a new sofa in the sales or you have managed to bag yourself a bargain on Marketplace the last thing anyone wants to think about is what you are going to do with your old sofa. If you are unable to pass or sell it on you will need … Continued

24/7 Collection – 21st October 2020

At skipmate.com we are committed to providing a fast, reliable service at a competitive price. In the busy world we live in a 9am-5pm waste collection service would not meet all of our customers’ needs. Which is why we operate a 24/7 Wait & Load waste collection service. Living in London ourselves we are aware … Continued

Where Can I Get a Skip Bag? – 10th November 2020

The best known brand of Skip Bag is Hippobag.  Hippobags can be purchased from Hippowaste direct or from major DIY chains like B&Q, Travis Perkins and Wickes. (1 yard, 1.5 yard and 4.5 yard) and these cost around £11.99, £13.99 and £31.99 incl. VAT respectively depending on the retailer.  The cheapest place to buy a Hippobag is in store at B&Q. … Continued

Why Choose a Skip Bag? – 7th December 2020

Skip Bags are a flexible option that can work better for some customers than Man & Van collections. Skip Bags are the ideal solution if you want a fixed price and the option to to fill it over a period of time keeping all the mess in one place. They are ideal if you plan … Continued

Man and Van Rubbish Removal Service – 14th January 2021

The “man and van” service was Initially used as a term for a single person providing the service as a “one man band”, the description has now been adopted by many bigger companies to describe their service including us here at skipmate.com. As the disposal of rubbish has become more of an issue especially in … Continued

Why Choose Man & Van Over Skip Hire? – 18th February 2021

There are many good reasons why a Man & Van service can be a better option than skip hire. Unless you have a driveway skips require permits. This is extra hassle and expense on top of the cost of hiring the skip. With a skip you will be required to do all the loading of … Continued

Areas We Service – 5th May 2021

We are a London based someday waste clearance company. We provide a fast, reliable service at a competitive price.   We collect and dispose of all types of waste streams from garden, household rubbish, junk removal, bulky waste, office clearances, commercial collections and builders waste. We are fully licensed by the environment agency and insured for the … Continued

Why Choose skipmate.com? – 17th June 2021

We offer a fast, reliable waste clearance service at a competitive price. We are based in London and operate 24/7. Authorised and licensed by the Environment Agency, insured for the removal and disposal of all types of waste streams. We use low emission vehicles and recycle 95% of all the waste collected. We are UK … Continued

Wait & Load – 8th July 2021

Our Wait & Load service offers an alternative to traditional skip hire for waste clearance. There are a number of reasons our customers request this service, in London parking restrictions and limited space are the most common.  Hiring a skip for use in London will usually require a permit from the council, these can be … Continued

Confidential Waste Removal – 19th August 2021

Confidential waste comes in many formats, whether it be paper based documentation or electrical equipment such as hard drives. Whatever form it takes it is equally important to ensure whoever you hire is trustworthy. At skipmate.com we understand the importance of secure confidential waste disposal. We have formed strong partnerships with professional and reliable companies … Continued

Packaging Waste Management – 22nd September 2021

The waste management ladder consists of the 5 elements of waste disposal starting with the most favourable, prevention of waste and ending with the least preferred option, sending the waste to landfill. The Waste Management Ladder Prevent Reuse Recycle Recover Dispose Packaging accounts for a fifth of our nations waste annually which works out as … Continued

South West London Waste Removal – 8th October 2021

There are approximately 1.6 million people living in South West London covering many of the city’s most exclusive boroughs such as Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster, Lambeth, Hammersmith and Fulham, and Richmond Upon Thames. South west London is also one of the greenest areas of the capital being home to many of the royal parks including … Continued

West London Waste Removal – 11th November 2021

West London covers the most prestigious areas of London including Knightsbridge, Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster and Richmond Upon Thames. Regarded as one of the largest commercial districts it also houses some of the city’s most famous buildings including the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Kensington and Buckingham Palace. West London also has a significant amount … Continued

London Waste Removal – 10th December 2021

London is one of the most influential cities in the world, consisting of 32 boroughs with an ever expanding population. A busy hive of activity encompassing the high powered money of the City, the tradition of the palaces and Westminster, the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly, the decadence of Mayfair,  the greenness of the parks and the residential quaintness … Continued

Top Tip for Garden Waste – 24th January 2022

If you own a garden you are probably all too familiar with the sheer amount of green waste that it accumulates. Households in England produce an average of 0.79 kg of garden waste per day or 288 kg per year. A potter about on a spring day or some much needed pruning can quickly see your once a month garden … Continued